Current Graduate Students

  • Samuel Morrissette (M.Sc., Current, co-supervise with Jason Fiege)

  • Courtney Bonner (M.Sc., Current)

  • Surani Mathara Arachchige (M.Sc., Current, co-supervise with Mike Domaratzki)

  • Ashani Wickramasinghe (M.Sc., Current)

  • Adriana-Stefania Ciupeanu (Ph.D., Current, co-supervise with Julien Arino)

  • Qiao Tang (M.Sc., Current, co-supervise with Xikui Wang)

  • Laurence Cuny (M.Sc., Current, co-supervise with Katherine Davies)

  • Isuru Dharmasena (M.Sc., Current)

  • Inesh Munaweera (Ph.D., Current, co-supervise with Darren Gillis)

  • Lahiru Wickramasinghe (Ph.D., Current, co-supervise with Alex Leblanc).

  • Ankit Doshi (Ph.D., Current, co-supervise with Brad Johnson).

Former Graduate Students

  • Weijia Zhang (Ph.D., 2019, co-supervised with Po Yang).

       Thesis: Novel statistical designs for phase I clinical trials.

  • Mohammed Mujaab Kamso (M.Sc., 2018, co-supervised with Saumen Mandal).

       Thesis: Network Meta-Analysis Using Bayesian Methods and Some Diagnostics.

  • Inesh Munaweera (M.Sc., 2018, co-supervised with M. Jafari Jozani).
    Thesis: Shrinkage Estimators under Generalized Garrote and Linex Loss Functions for Regression Analysis.

  • Lahiru Wickramasinghe (M.Sc., 2015).

       Thesis: Non-Inferiority Hypothesis Testing in Two-Arm Trials with Log-normal Data.

  • Peng Zhang (M.Sc., 2014).
    Project: Social Network Analysis using Exponential Random Graph Models.

  • Cynthia Kpekpena (M.Sc., 2014).
    Thesis: Bayesian Analysis of Binary and Count Data in Two-arm Trials.

  • Jing Zhang (M.Sc., 2012).
    Project: Bayesian Methods for Modeling and Analyzing Item Response Data.

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